Henrik Lundqvist to miss entire 2020-21 NHL season

Heartbreaking news from the now Capitals goaltender. Quite literally. Henrik Lundqvist, the King, the hottest goaltender in the world, and at one point hottest man in the world, won’t be able to play this season. Lundqvist will have to step away from hockey to deal with a heart condition. Maybe even permanently. Lundqvist announced this earlier today via Twitter (Dec. 17).

You hate to see this happen to anyone. But when it happens to an all time great like Lundqvist it seems even worse. Especially after his time as King of New York came to such an unceremonious ending. After being bought out by the Rangers Lundqvist signed a one year deal with the Capitals on October 9th. Then less than ten weeks later, and before Lundqvist could even strap on the pads for the Capitals, his season has come to an end.

Along with the statement released Lundqvist also posted a video explaining how excited he was to play for the Capitals. And just how disappointed he is that he won’t be able to due to his heart condition. You can see the pain in his face, and it’s heartbreaking.

Obviously this sucks for Henrik Lundqvist. Because now his career is in jeopardy if he can’t recover. Hopefully he can because if anyone deserves another shot at going out on top it’s the King, Henrik Lundqvist. I can’t think of a player that deserves to hoist the Cup more than Henrik Lundqvist. Even if it’s not for my favorite team I wanted to see the King hoist the Stanley Cup.

But this also sucks for the Capitals, who brought in Lundqvist to replace Braden Holtby. Who ended up signing with the Canucks this offseason. Now the Capitals are down a goalie before the season has even been announced. The season hasn’t even been announced, let alone started, and the Capitals are already losing players to injury. That is never a good sign. I’d be a really superstitious fan this year if I rooted for the Capitals.

Hopefully Henrik will be able to strap on the goalie pads and play in the NHL again. I know I want to see it happen. As does most of the NHL.

What do you think?

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